Reimbursement forms Medco

The reimbursement forms – Medco are a part of the prescription benefit plan which is used for medical & pharmaceutical based reimbursements. Medco offers Medicare prescription plans to the people and can help them to manage their prescription drug costs, by helping you against the price rise in prescription medications.

For direct reimbursements through medico reimbursement forms, the MEDCO users are required to display their MEDCO ID card for prescription drugs at the retail pharmacy store.  But for indirect reimbursements, the individuals are required to complete a separate reimbursement form MEDCO for each patient and for each pharmacy used. For such reimbursements, you are required to submit reimbursement claim forms, if you satisfy either of the conditions  – If you have fully paid the price for the medication drug at a pharmaceutical store because it did not accept the MEDCO ID card, or your MEDCO prescription drug ID card has not yet been received         .

In order to process your reimbursement request, MEDCO requires certain information. The required information includes name & address of the pharmacy, date on which prescription was filled, the name & ID of the doctor or medical officer, NDC number, name & strength of the drug, Amount paid, and duration for which drug was prescribed by the doctor.

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