Blank Affidavit Form

An affidavit form is a legal document having a notarized legal statement. It can also be defined as a declaration that a person makes when they are under an oath. It is signed before a person who is legally authorized to bear witness.

A blank affidavit form is an affidavit that is yet to be filled out and filed for use by a court of law. All affidavit forms are usually structured in a certain way before they are filled to incorporate all the information that is required. Therefore, an affidavit form which has not yet been filled out and signed by an official from the notary public is referred to as a blank affidavit form.

A blank affidavit form is usually prepared by lawyers and members of the notary public for different cases. This all depends on the client’s need at the particular time. There are different affidavits that can be prepared and some blank affidavit forms include: name or change of name affidavits, domicile affidavits, financial affidavits and many more

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