Sworn Affidavit Form

A sworn affidavit form contains a statement which is written by a person, who has taken an oath to speak truthfully about a certain matter.

A sworn affidavit form is a legal and binding document signed by the affiant, to prove their identity. The form should be signed before a legal authority, responsible for the administrations of oaths. This can be a notary public. It is required that a notary seal be placed on the sworn affidavit form.

Once a sworn affidavit form is signed and sealed, it means that the affiant has promised that all that is contained in that form is accurate. This is similar to giving a testimony in a hearing. If the information is found to have been falsified, the affiant could be persecuted.

This form is mainly used to provide evidence for a case and is done when the affiant is unavailable to attend a court hearing or when the court wants to save on time

Affidavit forms

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